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JLO Centre de Pin in Terrebonne provides decorative products to bring warmth to your home throughout the Greater Montreal, North and South Shores.

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Pine center selling functional and aesthetic products

Selling solid pine products has been at the heart of our company's business for several years. We sell pine products for various construction and interior design projects.

Our pine center offers several flooring models, as well as interior and exterior floor coverings. We also stock a large selection of pine furniture and various other decorative items. 

Rigorously selected pine wood in the Greater Montreal area

Make your home a warm place by visiting our pine center. Our pine products are sure to meet your needs. You will discover a complete collection of custom furniture and solid pine doors.

You can also visit our store to purchase pine stain and maintenance oils. Our pine center offers decorative products that are on the cutting edge of trends.

Serving a large clientele in the Greater Montreal area, our pine center provides furniture as well as various wall and floor coverings.

Pine product sales Greater Montreal

JL Ouellette Pine Center aspires to offer

Superior quality pine wood products for construction and renovation projects of all sizes while providing exceptional service. 

As a key player in our industry, we offer reliable, durable and environmentally friendly products to meet our customers' needs.

Determined to achieve excellence in product quality and customer service, we stay abreast of market trends to offer a range of products and services
to meet all the tastes, needs and requirements of our customers.

We are committed to developing and maintaining a relationship of trust with our customers by providing professional advice and personalized assistance to ensure their satisfaction at every stage of their project.

Passionate about wood, rest assured that we will make your project a reality!

Pine product sales Greater Montreal

Our Strengths

Product Diversity

Our one-stop shop has what you need for all your pine construction and renovation projects.

Full Service

We supply pine wood, and also handle the transport and delivery of your orders.

Quality Workmanship

We manufacture various pine products and guarantee a quality finish that meets your requirements.


In order to provide you with exclusive pine products, we are happy to work to your specifications.

We look forward to hearing from you